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Meet the Groove Tunes Team

Dina is in a wheelchair in front of a peach coloured wall. She has brown hair with blonde tips at the end. She is wearing a cream long sleeved knitted jumper with a long silver necklace.

Dina Bassile
Founder and GM

Dina is the founder of both Tibi Access and Groove Tunes. As a music lover and a person living with a disability, Dina is on a mission to make gigs and music festivals more inclusive for all. With a passion for creating change and a keen eye for talent, Dina has created her very first inclusive live event.



Saskia Waterman
Assistant Manager

Saskia comes to Groove Tunes as the Assistant Manager with over 5 years in the events industry, most of which she spent working on music festivals. Now she has a keen focus on making said festivals more accessible to all. Notorious for keeping busy and being a doer of many things, Sas freelances across Events, Social Media Marketing and Copywriting. 

Sarah has blonde shoulder length hair. She is wearing a grey long sleeve shirt underneath a navy blue singlet dress. She is wearing a brown and blue beaded necklace and is standing in front of a grey concrete wall.

Sarah Guppy

Our PR guru, Sarah Guppy gained her global perspective from working both in Australia and the UK. As the owner of This Much Talent, Australia, Sarah has experience in producer, songwriter and artist management, marketing, publicity, radio plugging, venue and music programming. Sarah has spoken on panels at BIGSOUND (Brisbane), Face The Music (Melb) and much more!




Jack Ball
Arts and Events Coordinator

Jack is our amazing arts and events coordinator. His unique creative flow is what
every team needs! The producer and sometimes Dj loves to immerse himself in
every corner of the music industry, being an all-round music enthusiast.


Maddy Herbert
Partnership Manager

Maddy Herbert is the founder, front woman and songwriter of the captivating new-soul project, Velvet Bloom. After working in the music industry for over 5 years with a focus on inclusivity, Maddy is now the Partnership & Sponsorship Manager for Groove Tunes, and Head Of Programming at Gods Bandroom on the Mornington Peninsula. Maddy is a music mentor for Wild At Heart and Rock Academy and she is hoping to help create a more community minded music industry.


Brittany is in a wheelchair holding her camera in her right hand and a camera lens in her left hand. She has black hair and is wearing a denim jacket and black jeans.

Brittany Long

Brittany Long is a Melbourne live music photographer on wheels. Long is passionate about capturing the passion and energy of an artist onstage and allowing her audience to relive a concert through her photographs. Long is also an advocate for raising awareness surrounding accessibility and inclusivity in the music industry.



Elise Parkin

Current Collarts student studying a Bachelor or Entertainment Management and Owner & Founder of management and promotions company, EL MGMT. An artist
manager and event promoter who is dedicated and passionate about the industry and is super excited to be apart of the Groove Tunes team!

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 12.44.37 pm.png

Audrey Ryan

Currently studying a Bachelor of Music Industries majoring in Audio, Audrey has
found a passion for music business. She is an engineer who free lances recording
services, as well as live work. Audrey loves expanding her industry knowledge and
learning new skills.

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