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Providing Everything You Need

Disability Awareness Training

Tibi Access can provide  your team with disability awareness training to encourage  understanding and  inclusion of people with disability and  provide stellar customer service confidently

Who can benefit:

  • Hospitality staff in supporting audience members at the bar or in dining

  • Security in supporting audience members at gate/door and throughout an event

  • FOH staff in supporting audience members at gate/door and throughout an event

  • Festival/event managers in supporting audience members pre, during and post an event

  • Booking agents in supporting artists, crew and audience members pre, during and post an event

  • CEO, Chief of Staff, Managers in supporting employees with disability within a workplace

Let's Talk Access Workshop

 The Let's Talk Access workshop discusses topics including; the importance of Auslan interpreters, Universal Design, accessible theatre, how to have an accessible online presence, accessible features in the arts industry and much more! This workshop is designed to teach you the key learnings of how to develop an accessible show, venue or presence to your fans!


1 hour version and 3 hour version available.


Who can benefit:

Everyone! The Let’s Talk Access Workshop is a great insight into learning about disability and accessibility within the creative industries. You will be able implement your knowledge into everyday tasks like website design, social media, supporting artists and punters with lived experience confidently and more. This workshop will also provide you with the tools you need to apply for access features and supports within grants.

Let's Talk Access Workshop - Online Presence 

The Let's Talk Access workshop – Online Presence provides you with the learnings of how to build an accessible webpage and social media presence. Topics include: Website accessibility, social media accessibility, website and tile design, social stories and more.


Who can benefit:

  • Marketing Coordinator

  • Website designer/manager

  • Content creator

Website Auditing

Tibi Access will conduct an audit of your website and provide a report of changes required.

Audit looks at colour contrast, access information provided, ALT text and more!

Who can benefit:

Your audience will benefit from a new and improved accessible site, where information can be accessed by all.

To enquire, email

Access Consulting 

As an access consulting, Tibi Access will work hand in hand with your team to ensure all customers living with disabilities' questions are answered. Access reports, web access and recommendations will be developed to ensure your project is as inclusive as possible


Who can benefit:

  • Audience members with lived experience

  • Event/festival managers

  • Artists

To enquire, email

Sensory Space Equipment Hire

Build your own sensory space and hire our noise cancelling headphones, fidget objects, blankets and more for your event! 

Who can benefit:

  • Audience members 

  • Children

  • Staff

  • Artists

To enquire, email

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