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It's been a hot minute since I've (Dina) given a full update on what has been happening for Tibi. I'm going to rewind all the way back to April of 2019.

Back in April I was awarded a grant by the Dylan Alcott Foundation to a complete a degree in access consulting. This grant was awarded at Ability Fest.

Fast forward to today, I work as an access liaison for GSA who work with the one and only Live Nation. I've worked on the accessibility for events such as U2, festival X and coming up is Download Festival!

As an access liaison, I ensure all patrons with access requirements are happy, safe and have all their questions and needs met!

Apart from this HUGE news, 2019 was very good to Tibi! Tibi was featured in many magazines, one of them being FRANKIE MAG (eeee!!).

I was also stoked to be the access consultant/liaison for BIGSOUND festival, Midsumma Festival, Wheels In Motion's Move With Us and many more...


BIGSOUND was and always is an amazing event! In 2019, BIGSOUND took their first steps in creating a more inclusive and accessible event.

Not only did we begin to create an accessible event but Tibi was also on BIGSOUND'S first panel discussing accessibility in the music and arts industry. I am now counting down the days until the next BIGSOUND!


As said by the Wheels in Motion (WIM) team, Move With Us is a day of celebration where we come together to move, to dance, to laugh and listen as we continue to build a more inclusive society for people of all abilities and to celebrate our beautiful community.

We were lucky enough to be a part of this event and advise the WIM team in developing an all inclusive event. And what an event it was! If you like food, music and booze (lots of it!), I definitely recommend Move With Us in 2020!

In 2019, Tibi Access launched it's very own workshops, Let's Talk Access. These workshops have been designed for industry professionals and students who want to learn more about how to present a more accessible and inclusive event. I can't wait to run more of these in 2020! Who's coming?!

What does 2020 have install?

2020 has been non - stop and we're only two months in. In January, Tibi released our first campaign of the year - All Artist Access. I am also assisting GSA on 2020's Ability Fest which I am thrilled to be a part of! If you are coming to Ability send a message through our socials and let us know!

Moving forward and into the year, Tibi has some MASSIVE things planned that I wish I could share HERE AND NOW!!! but I promise some big things are coming soon.

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