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An interview with Heaps Normal: Australia's favourite non-alc beer company

Groove Tunes Intern Elise had a chat with Matto, Brand Marketing Manager at Heaps Normal.

Heaps Normal are one of the fantastic sponsors of Groove Tunes 2023, their non-alc bevvies will of course be available for sale at the bar. Grab you tickets for our event on June 3rd, here.

Who is Heaps Normal?

Heaps Normal was started by 4 mates who loved beer but wanted to change things up a bit. We're about changing Australian drinking culture, focussing on enhancing the great moments we all celebrate and helping reduce the negative things that usually come with the culture associated with drinking.

We brew beer that tastes so good, you won’t miss the alcohol so you'll have more time to focus on the rad things in life.

What do you think makes Heaps Normal stand out from other non-alcoholic drinks?

One big thing that sets us apart is that we’re not here to talk about being sober or hold that up as the end goal. Heaps Normal doesn’t believe alcohol is the enemy, we’re just challenging people to tell better stories. Whether you’re taking a night off or ditching the booze for life, we reckon it’s time to talk about something more interesting, like the epic stuff you’re doing instead of getting wasted. We're also very big on celebrating and respecting everyone's normal's and I feel that inclusiveness really resonates with Heaps Normal lovers.

What Products does Heaps Normal have to offer?

We're a dedicated non-alcoholic beer company. We currently have 3 styles - Another Lager, Half Day Hazy and our flagship Quiet XPA.

Let's discuss sobriety as a whole and more particularly sobriety within the live music scene, what are your thoughts on this?

We don't really go down the road of only championing full sobriety, we love to focus on all the sober curious crew out there trying to make some positive changes. This crosses over into the live music scene where we're seeing a whole bunch of artists and punters switching the mindset to where they don't have to be wasted to enjoy a live show. After all, it's the music you're there for so it's awesome to see the attention going where it's meant to.

Do you believe there is a stigma around sobriety in the live music scene for punters and industry workers? If so, any creative suggestions on how we may break this stigma?

There has, for the longest time, been the stigma that drinking and live music are inseparable. For artists and workers, from bands getting paid in booze to free knock-offs when you finish your shift as a reward for a job well done. We're working on offering Heaps Normals for band riders and staff drinks at shows, this will help start the conversation but breaking the stigma will really fall on the individual. We're just here as a suggestion, a way for someone to rebalance their relationship with booze. The stigma is slowly changing and it's really great to see the shift happening. I love to see a crowd all vibing the music with a mix of Heaps Normals or their favourite alc drinks in their hands.

Where can you find and purchase Heaps Normal beers?

All great independent pubs, bars, cafes and live music venues as well as directly from our website

Who are your favourite artists right now and why?

There's so much amazing Australian music happening right now, we're in such a great place. I could name a bunch but here are some to highlight: Glo, Body Type, Willie J & the Bad Books, Annie Hammilton, Ziggy Ramo, Babitha, Gee Teem Germ Doner, 1300, Barb, Floodlights, Watty Thompson, Betty Taylor, Lucy Sugarman, Nooky, Maanyung... we love music and could go on and on...

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