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AAA - All Artist Access

AAA (All Artist Access) is a campaign about removing the stereotypes that comes with being an artist living with disability. The Tibi Access team worked tirelessly on this campaign and we're beyond thrilled to share it with you all!

We discuss the percieved opportunities that are missed by muscians.

With the help of Rudely Interrupted, we are accessing an artist living with disabilities point of view into the music industry and removing the stigma.

Rewinding back to September 2019, we decided we wanted to create a campaign that would change the way people look at artists living with a disability. We sat as a team and brainstormed - how can we make this fun and innovate? How about animations!?

From that day forward, we were working at full speed to create our first animated feature campaign. After spending much time with Rudely Interrupted and our very talented director and film maker (Kiralee Greenhalgh), animator (Alexandra Nell) and all round power houses (Riley Achen + Nick Haslam), AAA was ready to be shown to the world!

Through releasing this campaign we have had a phenomenal amount of feedback, not only from the general public but from other artists living with a disability. If you love music as much as we do, then you’ll understand that the opportunity to perform should be open to everyone!

Check out AAA here!

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