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5 Artists living with disability you need to know about!

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Written by Olivia (intern)

As we farwell another year of underwhelming live events due to Covid-19, here at Tibi we have selected five artists with disabilities that you need to see live in 2022! From singer songwriters and electronic producers, to rap groups and seasoned performers, these 5 amazing acts will be sure to get you moving and grooving in 2022!


Dance circle of people in red and purple t-shirts. In the middle of the circle is a person dancing happily
Inkrewsive Hip Hop Crew

Inkrewsive are an All Australian hip hop crew stemming from a community arts program called Wild At Heart, which brings people with disabilities and mental illness together to share their stories through music. The group comprises of 8 members who have all worked with rapper Motley, and hip hop choreographer and dancer Demi Sorono to hone their skills and put on a show, which they did at the recent 2021 Ability Fest in Melbourne.

In 2020 Inkrewsive released their debut album, which included the song “Iso Rap” about their time in isolation due to Covid-19, encompassing their frustrations and take on the year that was.

Check it out below!

Cam Murphy

A blurry photo of Cam looking outside a window
Cam Murphy

Cam started playing the drums when he was 6 years old by taping a stick to his stump, but growing up with a disability didn’t stop him from pursuing his musical aspirations, he just had to learn to play instruments in his own unique way. By the age of 14, Cam started producing electronic music on his laptop and fast forward to 17, Cam signed a deal with Vicious Recordings under the name “Camikaze”.

Cam used his new moniker to lean into his electronic/hip hop side, getting his first feature on triple J’s Unearthered in 2014.

2019 saw Cam begin “Cam Camino” after signing a distribution deal with AWAL, with the intent on making music for his soul. His recent releases are moody electronic R&B jams, creating his own lane and genre unlike any other.

Check out his latest release below:

Irene Zhong

Irene looks to the left as wind blows their hair. Irene is wearing a black and white polka dot shirt with pink pineapples on it
Irene Zhong

Irene Zhong’s music can be described an effortless fusion of hakka-chinese folk roots and western classical craft. As a child she played the violin and piano but considers her voice her most valuable instrument. In 2018 she composed an electro acoustic piece “epistolary”, the composition set to footage of three close connections in her life that weaved an intricate story of connection and love and its perseverance across borders and languages.

In an interview for Music Victoria about music and disability, Irene calls for more sensitivity and empathy in the music scene for people with a disability, stating people should be less concerned about someone’s disability and more concerned on how they can help them perform at their best.

Hear more from Irene:

Gordon Koang

Gordon sits in front of blue, yellow, red and green backdrop. He smiles to the camera as he points to his Thom
Gordon Koang

Gordon Koang spreads a message of peace, love and unity in his music and his positivity is what the world needs right now. Born blind in South Sudan, Gordon started playing the Thom – a four stringed guitar like instrument which would later become his trademark sound and accompany his vocal melodies, to deliver his life stories of civil war, asylum and the recent pandemic.

Before moving to Australia Gordan had released ten LPs and was in the middle of an international tour when he made the decision to not return home, as members of his ethnic tribe were being killed, and fears for his own safety grew.

After not releasing music for five years, Gordan connected with Music in Exile, a nonprofit that links refugee musicians with indie venues around the country.

Gordon’s eleventh album “Unity” was nominated for Best Album of the Year in the Australian Music Prize. Gordon has won over audiences globally creating music that resonates with people on a human level, earning the nickname of “King of Music” by fans all over. He has sold out headline shows here in Australia and been apart of festivals such as Meredith Music Festival, Strawberry Fields and the Perth International Arts Festival.

Check out Gordon’s latest release “Disco” below:

Martha Marlow

Martha lays her chin on her hand, her facial expression very natural. She wears a black top and is posed in front of yellow flowers
Martha Marlow

Martha Marlow is a singer, songwriter and painter who’s debut album “Medicine Man” has been met with critical acclaim and landed her an ARIA nomination. The album, drenched in orchestral pop explores themes of introspection, longing and hope, leaving her heart on her sleeve for all to hear.

Backtrack five years and Martha’s album may not have come to be. During her final year of arts school Martha developed an autoimmune condition, which on her worst days would confine her to a wheelchair, unable to play or paint. Recently she has been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a condition affecting the connective tissue, making dislocation, joint pain and bruising a common reality.

After putting the album on the back burner for five years, funding from the Arts Council and PPCA meant Martha could enlist some of Australia’s leading musicians to finally bring to life the sound she had always envisaged for her album. Martha has gone on to win the Best Emerging Artist at the Australia Women in Music Awards 2021 and be nominated for the Australian Music Prize 2021.

Check out her ARIA nominated Debut Album:

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