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Illustration with five people standing in the background, and two people in the foreground. Background is white. Behind the people is an orange circle and behind the circle is the illustration of four large pink flowers and three large pink branches of leaves, arrayed around the circle. In the back row of people from left to right there is a blonde haired woman who uses a prosthetic leg, a person with stubble facial hair wearing a off the shoulder top and skirt, a man with a black cap on who uses a prosthetic arm, a woman using crutches, and finally a woman with red hair and a sparkly top holding a guitar in her left hand. In the front row on the left there is a woman with pick hair sitting in a wheelchair, she is holding the rock hand symbol in the air using her right hand. Immediately to the right of the woman is an assistance Labrador with an orange harness. To the right of the dog is a man. He is holding the dog's harness. He is crouched down to be at shoulder height of the woman i

About Us

Groove Tunes is a night of live music for people of all abilities to enjoy, held at the renowned Corner Hotel.

To make sure everyone can get involved in Groove Tunes, the night will be supported by a team of Auslan interpreters and volunteers. We’ll also supply braille tickets (on request) and a sensory zone! Check out our FAQ page for more on accessibility options. Please contact our helpful team at with any questions. 

1 in 5 people in Australia are living with a disability. From a survey Tibi Access (creators of Groove Tunes) conducted in 2018, people living with a disability expressed their love of attending live music events, however fear and lack of access are commonly expressed as reasons that stop them from going. We hope Groove Tunes not only creates an opportunity to attend a live music event but encourages the broader music industry to make live music more accessible for everyone.


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