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At TIBI Access we like to challenge people's perceptions and showing different topics in a new light. Take a look at our latest campaigns!


AAA (All Artist Access) is a campaign about removing the stereotypes that comes with being an artist living with a disability. We discuss the percieved opportunities that are missed by muscians. 

With the help of Rudely Interrupted, we are accessing an artist living with disabilities point of view into the music industry and removing the stigma.

If you love music as much as we do, then you’ll understand that the opportunity to perform should be open to everyone.

Perspective is Everything

Walking or rolling, we all deserve to have fun

TIBI has been created to change the landscape of live music and events. At the core of TIBI is a spirit of inclusivity and a will to open gigs and events of all sizes to everyone. Together we will improve the recognition and removal of barriers faced by people with disabilities.

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